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To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the formation of the First Class CW Operators' Club (FOC), the special callsign GN4FOC was aired from Northern Ireland by FOC members GI3PDN and GI0RTN in May 2013. The special QSL card shown above will be available on request.

Contacts with this station count as 10 points towards the FOC75 Award.

QSL card

The GN4FOC call sign will be used from North Ireland again during May 2018 as a part of the 80th anniversary of the formation of FOC.

Contacts with this station count as 10 points towards the FOC80 Award.


The on-line log for GN4FOC for 2013 is fully searchable below and has been uploaded to the ARRL's Log Book of the World (LoTW) (the last upload being on 15th May 2018) and Club Log.

Enter your callsign and click on the "search" button below. Progressive searches are allowed, e.g. enter "G4" and all G4xx callsigns worked are displayed. Enter "G4B", and all G4Bx callsigns are displayed.

The operators' call is shown against each QSO

The on-line log contains all QSOs between 30th April 2013 and 13th May 2018.

Request a QSL.

Founded in 1938, and with its roots, history and management in the UK, the First Class CW Operators' Club promotes good CW (Morse code) operating, activity, friendship and socialising via its worldwide membership of approximately 500. Members are active on all HF bands and the character of the club is best expressed in its motto:

"A man should keep his friendship in constant repair" - Samuel Johnson (1755).


  • Foster and encourage a high standard of CW operating ability and behaviour on the amateur bands.
  • Observe the licence conditions and principles of band planning.
  • Be considerate to other amateurs at all times.
  • Protect the future of the hobby through being active, encouraging newcomers and supporting a national society.
  • For more information including how to become a member, please visit the Club's own site.

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