GJ6YB QSL2009 Team photo


The team.

The logs for the Bristol Contest Group's operations from the island of Jersey (IOTA EU-013) are fully searchable below and have been uploaded to both the ARRL's Log Book of the World (LoTW) and Club Log.

Please select a log to search. Enter your callsign and click on the "search" button below. Progressive searches are allowed, e.g. enter "G4" and all G4xx callsigns worked are displayed. Enter "G4B", and all G4Bx callsigns are displayed.

The on-line log for GJ6YB contains all QSOs from 28th July 2007 to 26th July 2015. The most recent upload to LoTW was on 4th August 2015.

The on-line log for GJ6YB/P contains all QSOs from 18th June 2011 and 17th June 2012. The most recent upload to LoTW was on 19th June 2012.

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