The QSL card.
John has been QRV from Singapore Island since 2002 but unfortunately, most of his logs prior to March 2013 have been lost. Updates are normally received and processed on a monthly basis dependant upon John's level of activity.
Prior to 2002, the call was used by the army radio club, which has long since been disbanded.
mv Pressure Drop.Above ss Titantic.
In 2018 and 2019 John was the Electronics Officer in mv Pressure Drop, a 2014 gross tonnage research vessel involved in diving operations on the wreck of the ss Titanic amongst others. Her commercial callsign is V7SV6. In August and September 2019, John was QRV as 9V1VV/MM from the North Atlantic. The log for this operation is on paper and has not been uploaded to the ARRL's Logbook of the World or Club Log. If you require a QSL for this operation, please contact me and we will manually check the paper log for you.

With a few exceptions, John's log for his activities from Singapore is fully searchable below and has been fully uploaded to the ARRL's Log Book of the World (LoTW) (the most recent upload being on 10th October 2023) and Club Log.

Please note that, following a decision by the RSGB QSL bureau not to process outgoing cards for non members, paper QSLs for this station are ONLY available DIRECT with adequate return postage.

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The on-line log contains all 9V1VV QSOs between 6th March 2013 and 1st October 2023. If your QSO is after this date, then it will NOT appear in the log search!

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