If you need a QSL for any of the stations that I manage, using the OQRS facility on my web site is strongly recommended and much preferred. You can also send direct through the mail but please include adequate postage and a good quality C6 sized self addressed envelope (SAE) (114 mm x 162 mm, 4.5" x 6.4") for its return.

US dollars are preferred but please remember that since 2nd April 2007, US $1 is NO LONGER sufficient postage for an airmail reply within or outside Europe. Unused postage stamps, IRCs, coins and other currencies are definitely NOT welcome.

Low value currency notes and coins (including 5 notes) are not accepted by UK banks and thus cannot be exchanged for postage. Please do not send currency other than US dollar bills.

Once I have the logs and cards to hand, I aim to reply to direct requests within a reasonable time of their receipt and certainly within six months.

Where possible, do check your QSO is in the relevant on-line log first! If you are not in the on-line log, please contact me first and I will do manual check.

Please note that there are up to three QSOs on each label and there may be more than one label per card.

Via the bureau is OK or just fill in and send to me a Bureau Card Request Form to generate an e-mail request and, assuming your QSO details check with the relevant log and that it has not been previously confirmed, your QSL will be forwarded via the RSGB bureau in due course. There may be a considerable delay in you receiving your QSL(s), as the bureau process is very slow and, due to the large volume of bureau cards that I handle, I only tend to send outgoing cards to the RSGB every three months or so. Consequently, a delay of several years is to be expected.

Please do NOT send duplicate cards via the bureau for OQRS requests, as such requests do nothing more than overload the system and will NOT be answered.

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